Friday, September 26, 2008

That time of year...

Well, it's that wonderful time of year. That time when everyone and their dog is sick. Anyways, I went to my family doctor on Wednesday just because I felt like crud. Just like sinus junk I think anyways, while we were there he said that he felt like it was going to be a really bad year. He said he was already seeing a ton of junk and really earlier than usual. So he would suggest some things that might save us some headaches and office visits. He suggested upping all vitamins and trying to boost our immune systems. Taking 3000 mg Vitamin C (Kids only1000) and also taking Vitamin D-3 2000 units. He also said drink some of those vitamin c immune boosters ever once in awhile and alot more orange juice. He just said it didn't hurt anyways. We already took alot of vitamins but now we really do. We left his office and went to Sam's and loaded up. I mean heck, I don't think it hurts anything and if it's even it gives me the slimmest of chances of keeping us healthier I'll do it. My kids think I've lost my mind. They are taking three vitamins every morning now and some are taking a allergy stuff too. I'm kind of a freakazoid about sickness anyways. I've already started bleaching all of our dishes and spraying Lysol as often as possible. It just seems like once we get something we can't get rid of it. So I try my best to keep from it. Just thought I'd share that tid bit of information. I know a few of you do the more natural foods and stuff. Is there like a protein shake or something, I could make to boost our immune system too. I mean one that we would be able to drink and hold down. Ha! I'd just rather try stuff like this than have umpteen office visits and antibiotics. I'm up for trying it. Can't hurt! :)