Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Family Dinner Table

Funny thing about that Dinner Table... We use to never really sit together at it until just recently. My eldest child, bless her heart, has been on eternal groundation lately or at least that what it seems, Ha! Anyways, because of this, probably out of boardum she started helping me out with dinner more and more and then she decided that we were going to sit at the dinner table as a Family! What? I mean don't get me wrong we do sit there on occasion but for the most part, William and I sit in the living room by the TV, I know horrible parents that we are, and the kids sit at the table or by the TV as well. Sooooo..... for the last few weeks we have ate just about every meal together at the dinner table. Can I just say how very much I LOVE this!!!! And WE all do! If we don't for whatever reason the kids get upset by it. I am enjoying it so very much. We talk... even if it's about the silliest of things, we are trying to learn table manners. Which has been a fun learning experience for ALL.. Even dad who has had the privilege of doing dishes a time or two as punishment for burping at the Family Dinner Table. Which by the way the kids absolutely LOVE! he he he.... Mom has no problem with this rule so I'm good... Just saying! Anyways, a few weeks back we were discussing the fact that some of us were getting tired of the same old food that mom cooks. Yadda Yadda... So we decided that every Monday would be "New Meal Monday". Each person would take turns and go online or go through a cook book, however they choose and pick a meal we've never had. This has been really Fun! So last Monday we had Orange glazed Talipa and then yesterday Hailey chose the Spaghetti Pie, which was absolutely Delicious! The fish was really good too! But so far the Spaghetti Pie has been the favorite. I'm telling you the kids are loving this. They can not wait for their turn. Next week is Lauren's turn. She's so excited. I guess I will have to post each week what we have since so many of you wanted the recipe. I will try to do that. Unless it's yucky! He he he...

I guess what I really just wanted to share is there's just something about the Family Dinner Table that is so special. Ya know... before too long, I'll turn around and my time with the kiddos will be done and I'll be wishing I had some kids plates to fix. Sometimes I forget that! I get so wrapped up in all I have to do,get done and how tired I am that I forget just how little time I have with them. So lately I'm trying really hard to cherish these times like our Family Dinner Table because before I know it... it will be just William and I there at that dinner table. So I want to enjoy every minute that I can! I only wish we had done this sooner! There's just something to be said for the Family Dinner Table....

"These are the Children God has given me, God has been good to me..." Genesis 33:5

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finally Chirstmas Pictures!

Christmas 2009
Just Us...

William and His Parents

The last few years we've been able to have a McGregor Christmas party. It's mainly the McGregor side of the family but my brother and his wife comes too. We always have a good time. William and I look forward to it every year.

One of our biggest and favorite Christmas Traditions is that we have a Birthday cake for Jesus every year. But this year we had a full out Birthday Party. The kids love it and they don't let me forget about it. I hope that this is the one they remember more than anything else. Because really this is more important than anything else. WE are celebrating His Birth!


This was our big gift for the kids! It's been a HIT! With ALL of us! He he he...

Landon is big into Dinosaurs so this is his big present from us! He loved it!

I think this one was more for dad but whatever, they love it! he he he...

Waiting to open their Stocking....

Playing in the Snow....
Daddy's Christmas

Momma's Christmas! Yeah!!! :)

Thursday, December 03, 2009


Yea I finally got them to transfer to the computer. I don't know how but oh well.... I got them off the phone. Ha! Most of these are from Thanksgiving. We went to Oklahoma and visited William's family. We had a great time. We went to the Tulsa zoo one day and the kids had a gingerbread house contest as well. That was alot of fun! I also threw in a few of Drue, how could I NOT, Please! And one of Allen and his football trophy. He's still so proud of that thing, as it sits on my fireplace mantel. Enjoy!

Ok... sorry these are so jumbled up and not in order. I've worked on it forever and can't get it right. Sorry! It is what it is. But they are all there. You just have to figure it out. Somehow or another they got all mixed up. I'm pretty sure it wasn't me! Ha!

Jordan & Allen (they took 4th place for most Out rageous!)

Bryan & Landon (they took 2nd place for most original)

Zoo trip with Grandpa

Me & The Princess

They were all winners in their own special ways!

Me & William (duh)

Amy & Gary


Gingerbread Contest

Hailey & Allie (They took 3rd for most colorful)

Lauren & Ian (They took 1st for Most Creative)

Little Monkey's

George & Carolyn

Lauren & Allie

Terrible Teen! Jordan & Hailey.... Ugh MOM, please...

Ian... excuse me that would be Fred, Bryan, & Allen... He he he

Thanksgiving Dinner! Yum Yum

Hailey & Landon

Me & Landon


Landon and "His" baby Drue

Allen and his trophy!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Crazy Blog

Okay I'm really not crazy... but I really did write a whole lot more than that. Twice now and everytime I post it it deletes all but that little bit. So sorry! for some reason I can't tell you any more than that! ARGGGGG!!!!!!

Some catching up to do....

Yipes! It's been a long time since I've been on here. So sorry! Facebook is to blame really... Most everyone is on there now and I forget about my blog. Well, that and the fact that I've just been a little bit busy too.... Here's a quick update with a few pics. I'm trying to figure out how to get the pictures off my phone too. If I do I'll post more pics later. Th