Wednesday, July 11, 2007

We're back....

Hello all,

We made it back in last night. We had a pretty good time. We got to get some things done that we needed to do and see the house again as well. We are all set to move at the end of the month. We will close on this house on the 27th, the packers will come on the 28th and load us on the 29th, we will then close on the new house on the 30th and they will deliver our stuff to us on the 31st. How's that for fast? It's all set and we are excited to get there and be all done.

As you can see we also took an ER trip. Allen took a big fall Monday night and broke his nose. We had met my dad in Rowlett for a few days and we had taken the kids to play in these water fountains. Well, Allen was climbing and fell about 5 1/2 feet to the cement. He broke it and pushed all the bones back into his face. So we will be seeing an Ear, Nose, and Throat surgeon on Monday at 3:30. So be praying for him. I"m sure it's not going to be fun. I'll keep you updated as to what they do. He's doing good though. He hasn't slowed down one bit.
Anyways, here's some shots of our new house too. I best run. I have a ton of catching up to do. Have a great day! :)


Sharon said...

House looks really nice. How many bedrooms? I'm sure y'all are excited. Wish I were there to help with the unpacking. How close is this house to the one you lived in before? Will the kids go to the same school that Hailey went to when you were in Joshua last time? Poor Allen! That looks like it hurts. How scary that must have been for you to see him fall like that. I hope all goes well for him.

Misty said...

It's three big bedrooms but can be five. We eventually will make it that way. But for right now they are going to share. No, they will go to another school and it's about a couple of miles from where we lived before. We are excited!

alicia said...

The house looks great! Hope we can get up there and visit you guys someime :) Poor Allen, Give him some extra hugs and kisses for me.


Anonymous said...

Love the size of your kitchen! You'll need it with your big family. Glad to hear that things are moving along with your house. I am so sorry to hear about Allen. OUCH!! Praying all goes well.