Sunday, May 18, 2008


Well! This is what I have been dealing with for the last week! Yea Hoo... I'm totally being sarcastic! :(


Hailey's Tummy.... I know yuck!

Lauren's poor little face!

Well, we managed to bring home an extra visitor with us from our camping trip. Poison something??? No one seems to know for sure but we assume it's poison ivy. I broke out with is on Tuesday and then Lauren, Hailey, Allen, and Landon. Us girls have had it the worst. Allen and Landon only had a dime size spot and it cleared up almost as soon as I treated it. But that's not been the case for the girls and I as you can see. I went and got a steroid shot, medicine and some cream for it Thursday. The shot seems to be helping. The itch has stopped and it's drying up which I heard is the later stages of it. We'll see, I'm not holding my breath at this point. I ended up starting Hailey on the Medicine I got today. She had been at a friends all weekend and when I picked her up this morning she looked horrible. It had spread all over and even her face was swelling. Bless her heart it's bad. Lauren's is on her face and neck mainly, little on her hands. Mine is mainly on my neck and chest but has now started on the back of my legs. This is my first experience with this and it is NOT fun. I think I'd rather be shot. I'm so thankful that the babies cleared up. That would have just been miserable. Anyways! If anyone has any suggestions I'm up for anything at this point. I'm really thinking I might have to take Hailey in for the shot if she's not better by tomorrow. I'm so very very ready to have this over with!!! Maybe we'll get rid of it this week. We'll see. I'll keep ya update... Hope you guys have a great week.


SouthAsiaRocks said...

oh man!! no fun!!! well, they use clove oil here for tons of stuff... it reduces inflamation... don't know if it will work though... sorry :(

Sharon said...

That stuff is miserable!! Dan and I got it after working in the backyard a couple of years ago. I didn't think I would ever be "normal" again (well as normal as I ever get). Glad the little guys didn't get a case of it. Hope you're all well soon!