Sunday, September 21, 2008

Trash Bash

Lauren is part of a group at school called CEO. It stand for "caring for earth and other's." They do all kinds of community things. Yesterday was Trash Bash Day. They went down to the Trinity River and picked up trash. Lauren really enjoyed it. This is right up her alley. She just thought this was a great thing to do. The boys... not so much... they pretty much thought this was stupid. Well, not Bryan, he was into it for about twenty minutes and then he was done but Allen thought it was pretty dumb from the get go. I tried to explain the importance of us helping cleaning up but he still seem to think this was the stupidest thing he had ever been apart of. Ha! Imagine that. But the rest of us had a good time. Especially Lauren! And we got alot of trash cleanup!!!


Sharon said...

That is so cool y'all did that. Yeah, Allen doesn't look all that thrilled. And Lauren!!! My goodness, she's getting so tall. Where are her glasses? It doesn't look like her. lol

Bronie said...

i love community projects when you (and the kids) can do something helpful that shows immediate results! awesome!

Misty said...

She's not having to wear them all the time now. Only for school work and reading. She loves that! Yeah!