Saturday, June 13, 2009

Back from Hawaii...

Hey All! Well, we are home from our wonderful vacation! It was wonderful! It was a long trip though and we were all ready to come home by the end. We did alot in those seven days. I'll try to tell you about the trip. It's not posting the pictures in the order I wanted them. For some reason it keeps mixing them up. So I'll just have to deal with it. I'll just tell ya about it as I go. How about that.... I took over 300 pictures so I'll just share as few as possible ha ha ha..... What's a girl to do? So much to see....
This was our first hotel in Maui, Aston Kaanapali Shores. It was very nice. It was a condo. We had a kitchen and living room and washer and dryer so that came in very handy. We were able to save a little money that way. They outside was just beautiful as you can see.
Okay here we are on the Trilogy. This was our Sailing and Snorkeling day. We really had a great day. We got to see lots of great fish and even some pretty big sea turtles. Some saw a sting ray but we didn't. Personally I'm glad I didn't. I think I would have panicked a little bit, well I guess depending on how close it was. I guess he was pretty close to them. That would have scared me. But I loved seeing the sea turtles. Lauren and I had one swim right up to us. It was awesome!

Here's the girls being pure silly. We had to have this outfit ya know?

Here we are headed to the Luau. We loved it! It was great! The food was wonderful. With the exception of the poi. That is some nasty stuff. But we all did try it just to say we did. Disgusting! Just so ya know. Can't even describe it. Just nasty. But everything else was delicious. And the show was great! Everyone should be able to experience one of those.

Hawaiian Beauties....

Playin at the beach..... The beaches were so beautiful. Just pristine blue waters. You could see from your neck down. It was just Beautiful. I love the beach!

This is Akaka Falls. This was one of the things that I really really wanted to do while we were there, was see a water fall and man was it beautiful! It was even worth walking in the rain to see. It was misting rain and I was thinking man this is miserable but man was it worth it. That has to be one of God's finest touches!

We also spent the rest of the day at the Volcano. Wow! Did we enjoy this. There is just so much to see and do. We were not able to see the actual flowing lava because silly me only packed flip flops to save on room and you had to have tennis shoes. I so regretted that! But what can ya do. We did stay however and see it from afar and it was awesome. We got so lucky, they had to close the park the day after we went because the lava is getting to close to the top and is threatening to overflow. So if we had waited one more day we wouldn't have got to see it. This was really a highlight of our trip! I didn't realize how much I would enjoy it. It's just so interesting to see.

This was another Highlight! I must admit I thought it would be boring. But we ALL really enjoyed it, even the girls. William really really enjoyed it though. I'm so glad we did it. It's a neat part of history to visit and a must see if you ever get the chance!

This is the Dole Plantation obviously. This was alot of fun. We rode a train around the plantation and to see and hear about how they grow them. They have some beautiful gardens there as well. They also have a giant maze but it was way too hot and we didn't do it. The girls wanted to but we didn't do it. We did enjoy some of their famous Pineapple Ice Cream though and it was quite delicious, very sweet.

This is the view from our hotel in Waikiki. Isn't it beautiful?
There's just so much more but I think I better stop at that. I know I'm probably boring you all. I will try to post more again later. I do have some scenery pictures that I'd like to share. But I've been on here forever. So I'll work on that another day and just let you enjoy these for now. Have a good one. Aloha!


Sharon said...

Love the "title" picture. You got some really awesome photos!! I can tell y'all had a wonderful time. I'm still jealous.... Glad you had fun. And you look GREAT by the way.

SouthAsiaRocks said...

I love all the pictures!!!
Looks like a great trip!!! I lived there for a little bit, so it made me really miss it! I actually sorta like Poi :) haha! Dole Whip is my favorite though - YUM!!!!
I love that misting rain too! They call it Pineapple rain... not sure why, but it's so refreshing :)
Glad you guys got to go - sounds like a great time! AWESOME!