Thursday, March 06, 2008

Crazy Weather

Is this the craziest weather or what? I don't know about you guys but it has been just insane weather the last month or so. For instance, this week has been like this. Sunday it was in the low 80's, then by Monday night we were getting a light dusting of snow. Which is rarely seen here in Texas, so as you can imagine we could hardly sleep, hoping to wake up to at least enough for a snow ball. But no such luck. It was melted by then. Tuesday warmed up to 60 then yesterday it was beautiful and in the low 70's. As for today, I woke up to a cold dreary day with the call for rain and thunderstorms turning into yet another snow for tonight. Maybe we'll get a snow ball yet! But have no fear it will be back into the 70's by the weekend. Is that crazy or what? One day we have shorts on and the next we have coats. Insane! No wonder none of us can get well. (not that anyone here is sick, YET) Anyways! I thought I might join in the blogging ranks yesterday with my Wordless Wednesday pictures. Did you notice there were no words? he he he he.... Those were from our camping trip a few weeks back. I just loved the little creek that ran behind our camp site. I enjoyed sitting by it and just listening to the ripple of the streaming waters. It allowed me to relas just a bit. Well, I best run. Have to get Allen off the preschool. Woo Hoo... Hope you all have a great day! Talk to ya later!