Friday, August 22, 2008

Little Updating...

Hey All! I just thought I'd update you guys a little bit. I finished up all my tests and went in for the results yesterday. At this point we still don't have any ideas as to what's going on. So he's ordered another battery of tests. Whoo hooo..... I still have the "Vertigo." Tomorrow with be two weeks. It's no fun! So he's sending me to a specialist for that and an eye specialist as well. I have to do another 72 hour EEG and a spinal tap. I'm so freaking out about that. I hate hate HATE the spinal tap. It's horrible!!!! But he feels it's very necessary to figure out what's going on. He's also going to be testing me for Autoimmune diseases like Lupus, MS and several others. Sooooo I'm still just in limbo not knowing what's going on. My in-laws are going to try to come in next week to help us out. We are just desperate for some help. I still can't drive and William keeps having to take off work because we just don't have anyone that can help. Soooo they are going to try and come in next week so I can have the next round of test. I have to stay in bed for 48 hours after the spinal tap. So we really need their help. Anyways! We are frantically trying to get ready for school too. They start Monday. They are all pretty excited. Hailey's nervous but excited. It's been really hard to try and get them ready with me not able to drive. I still have a few more things left to get like school supplies but we're almost done. I just have to wait for days that William can take me. Thanks to all of you that are praying for me. We were grateful for the good news of the MRI and CT coming back clean. I think both of us were a little bit nervous. But they were good as far as no bad stuff. Oh yea, and another good thing was that he found no seizure activity so at this time he's not putting me on medication. Yeah!!! I was sure he would and I so did not want to do that. So that was a great thing. Anyways! I guess I'll get. Back to doing nothing... Sleeping an ungodly amount... The medicine for the "Vertigo" knocks me out. So I'm sleeping all the time. It's crazy! I was grateful for the sleep the first few days but now it's miserable. I feel worthless. I can't do too much because then I get nausea's and start throwing up. So it's just been crazy. Thank goodness for the Olympics, which I love! :) Okay, I'm really going now! Talk to ya later! I'll try to post some pictures later!


Bronie said...

We're praying for you. I'm sure "laying around" when you'd rather be up caring for your family is getting difficult, but maybe rest is what God intends for now. Maybe your body needs it... I think most Moms need more rest; you've just got some added things right now that make it imperative. Let the grandparents do their thing. School will start, and it will be ok. As Jay says, "One monkey don't stop no show!" haha But when the monkey is the Mama it sure can throw a kink in things; it sure does around here. Try to let go of things not getting done 'the way you would do them' and let them take care of you during this time. Please take care of yourself, keep us posted, and we'll keep praying. Wish I was closer to help you out.

Love ya girl,

Karen said...

So sorry you're still suffering from the vertigo. I can't imagine having it for so long. I'll be praying that it goes away on its own soon. Take care and rest up.