Monday, December 22, 2008

William's 40th Birthday

William turns the big 40 on the 29Th but we had a surprise birthday party for him last night. He was so surprised. I can't believe I was able to pull that off but I did. He was truly surprised. He had a great time. He kept saying it was his best birthday he's ever had. I've had several I love yous too. So I know he enjoyed and appreciated it. We had some really good friends come and family so it was very special. We also had a video made up for some of those who could not make it and he loved that, thanks Sharon! In fact, he watched again, as soon as everyone had left. He loved it! We had a great time. I'm exhausted. Being so sneaking is hard work. he he he... But very well worth it. You only turn 40 once. The look on his face was worth every grey hair on my head! Ha!


Sharon said...

Congrats on pulling off the surprise party! I'm glad he was surprised and glad he enjoyed the dvd. Wish we could have been there to help him celebrate.

Bronie said...

way to go sneaky! :) looks like he enjoyed his surprise! wish we could have been there to eat that yummy cake!