Monday, January 26, 2009

My Sweet Birthday Boy

I know... I know... I can hardly believe it myself. My sweet baby boy is two! He turned two last Friday. Man where did the time go. It flew by, as I knew it would. It just seems to do that. I very distinctly remember saying how I wanted him to stay little because I knew how very fast he was going to grow up. And man has he. He's so stinkin cute it's just not even funny. I forgot just how much fun this age is, well and trying! ha! He's just like a little tape recorder following you around repeating what ever you say. It's so funny, for the most part. One of our favorite things he does though is, he's big into scaring you. If you go to the bath room. He runs and lays down outside the door and when you open it he screams and then just laughs saying, "i scare u!" It's so cute. He's quite the character. He loves Elmo and lately has decided that he's Cookie Monster. So he runs around pretending to eat up things like Cookie Monster would. We dare not miss Sesame Street. That's a sin around here. So mom has plenty on tape, for emergency situations. You never know when Elmo might make it all better. Poor thing didn't get to have a party for his birthday yet. We had planned on but we all sick so had to cancel it. He barely got cupcakes but at the last minute I made them. We ate cupcake at like 9:00 p.m. It was bad. But I felt so bad. At least he's little and doesn't understand. The rest of the kids are just appalled but he's okay with it. We've just been so sick, I haven't even been able to go get him a present. So we will celebrate it in a few weeks when we get better and are all germ free. I'll post more pictures of his actual party then. Since we sang to him that day. He's been singing. "Happy Happy to me!" "I tooooo" Did I mention how cute he is??? Oh okay! I guess I best run! The other pictures are just ones I took of him playing out in the yard on the play set. He loves it out there. Have a great day!


Bronie said...

too sweet. i can't believe our babies have grown up! a little sad.

Sharon said...

WOW! He looks so much like Hailey did when she was that age. It's like a trip back in time. He's just too adorable and has the personality to match.