Thursday, January 15, 2009

A New Year!

I know... this is a little late but better late than never huh? Well, I'm not really the new years resolution type of girl. Never have been really. Nothing against it or anything, just every time I've given that a try by the next week or two... that's just shot right out the window and I end up feeling like a big loser. Ya know what I mean? Not to knock anyone who's into it, just not my cup of tea! All that being said, the week before the new year began. I heard a sermon out of Nehemiah 1 and then again the very next Sunday! Now, when you hear two sermons on the same passage from two different pastors, I don't know about you, but that got my attention, and I felt as though I best listen up. So... I've been really dwelling on Nehemiah 1 for several weeks and what I learned from the sermons. I thought I'd share that with you. In short, Nehemiah, took and assessment of the situation, then took ownership of it, then he made a plea to God for his help. Now, both applied this to life. One of the sermons I heard described Nehemiah as having a time of deep contemplation, a scoreboard moment. A time of reflection, seeing that things were not working and then he owned up to it. Does he go for the winning touchdown or play it safe and keep things the same, SAFE, in the comfort zone? That's where I find myself. Realizing that in alot of ways, I want to be safe and in my comfort zone, I've wanted to do things my way and it's not working for me very well. Essentially what I want is God to meet me in my box and tell him he can only work within that space, but that's not really how it works. Do I want 2009 to be the same as it was in 2008 or can it be better? I want it to be better. I want at the end of 2009 to be able to say that I'm no where near the same place I was at the beginning. I want to be where God is. It may not be where I want to be but that's where He's at and that's where I must be out of my box. I've come to the realization that I may not enjoy every step of this process but it's necessary. One of my very best friends reminded me that, isn't this all part of the journey? Yes, I think it is. Thankfully, I haven't arrived and I'm not perfect so He still sees fit to mold and shape me. So, for me I look forward to 2009, and the new that it brings. Sure there's alot of uncertainty and unknown but with God we don't have to fear. I look forward to what God's gonna do. I'm so Thankful... for his mercies they are truly new everyday! I hope you all are happy and Blessed in this new year!


Bronie said...

I love you girl. Here's to steppin' outta the box!!!