Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hailey's new do....

Hailey got a cute new hair cut yesterday. She loves it! Heck, I love it. I wish my hair looked that cute. I'm not that brave. I'm too chicken. She looks so cute though. I have to brag on her too. She's been working on her weight too. She's lost 15lbs and went down to sizes! Whoo hooo. She was absolutely beaming when she left for school this morning. She realized she could wear some pants that were two sizes smaller! She looked super cute. As you see in the picture. Just wanted to share how proud I am of her... She's a beautiful girl and a joy!

Monday, April 27, 2009

A litte Modesty....

Decency and Modesty.... Whatever happen to that??? Someone please tell me where we lost that? Okay, I think I talked about this before in another post as well but we are going to talk about it again! Most of you know that I've been working out at the gym again faithfully since January. I've been going several times a week so I need to use the Locker Room. Here in lies my problem. Why oh why do women feel it necessary to just walk around buck naked??? Please, please explain it to me!!!! Did I miss the memo on this??? Was there a letter that went out that said your not allowed to cover yourself with clothing or towels when you go to the gym locker room? I mean for the love of Pete! And what makes it worse, ninety percent of this nakedness is the sweet older ladys! Yea that's what I said! Runny around Buck Naked!!!! Comparing parts and undergarments with one another. It's just more than I can take and the conversations in the locker room, WELL, I'm just too much of a lady to talk like that! So... I've now decided, when I absolutly have too, yes I have to lock my purse up in the locker but no longer will I shower and change because I just can't take the nakedness flopping around! I will just go home stinky and sweaty! I just want to say, " Honey, it's okay to use that towel!" I mean for real... who does that? Even if I was HOT and I mean looked good, I couldn't just walk naked through a room full of other women. Please! It's okay to be modest and have some decency! Not everyone wants to see what you have. And how are you not suppose to see when it's running around all over the place. ARG!!!!! Gees O Pete!!! Just sayin!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just for Fun.....

These are pictures I took just for fun... This was the view we had from our trailer. As you can see I had lots of opportunity to just play and so... I did!

Camping at Lake Whitney

This past weekend we went camping again, imagine that! Yes, that's our favorite family thing to do. We love it! In fact, when we got home Landon started crying and saying no no no... go bye bye go bye bye! Anyways! We always have fun! This was a beautiful spot. I love taking pictures as you can tell. I've decided I really love black and white shots. I played alot with my camera. I got alot of good shots though. I love the just natural ones, not posed. There the best! Some friends came out one evening for dinner and took the picture of our whole family for us. Lots of great memories!

Wonder what they are talking about?

Throwing Rocks

He still loves me...

Pure Cuteness

Contemplating what trouble he could get into....


Here are some pictures from our Easter Egg hunts. The kids all had one at school and then we did one while we were camping too. Landon wasn't real sure about it but he sure enjoyed eating the chocolate. He loves his Chocolate!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Monday, April 13, 2009

Bryan's Field Trip

I know I have alot of catching up to do so I'm going to try and do that in the next couple of days....

This was last week... Bryan had a field trip to Dinosaur Valley State Park. We had a great day! We learned all about them and did lots of funs stuff. We got to hang out with his best buddy Simon too. Simon now thinks I'm a really "nice and smart" mom. But Bryan said I am only sometimes... Little stink! It was fun spending the day with just Bryan!