Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sweet Baby Bottoms....

Well, all babies have to do it at one time or another. Friday as I came around the corner this was the scene I came upon. But the thing of it was he acted like it was my fault and he was mighty put out about the whole thing. He just kept holding it up in the air like he was saying, "do you see this lady? It's just soaked! I'm mean what's a boy got to do to get a diaper chang around here?" It was quite cute, I must say. I will admit he was pretty wet and he did need it changed. He just thought I needed a little help. I certainly wasn't moving near fast enough for him.


Sharon said...

How funny! Such cute little buns. Sounds like he has quite the personality.

Bronie said...

the way i see it:

the bad news is that he's going to kill you one day for these incriminating pics.

the good news is that he'll have documentation to show his therapist. :)

cute buns, though!

alicia said...

LOVE IT!!!!! I love baby butts! What a cutie!

I am so thankful that (so far) my kids have gotten Marc's butt (sorry tmi) and not my flat Kansas-Butt (flat, wide and goes on forever!)

Thanks for the cute pics!